Wrist Powered Hand Designs

Kinetic Hand

  • Wrist powered
  • Grippy silicone finger grips for better grip
  • Highly customizable
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Raptor Reloaded

  • An older model with good functionality, predecessor of Phoenix
  • Wrist powered
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Osprey Hand

  • An older model, good functionality (similar to Phoenix)
  • Wrist powered
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Promimetic Hand

  • A ‘remix’ of the flexy hand
  • Supposedly has better grip strength
  • Still somewhat experimental in design
  • Wrist powered
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Flexy – Hand 2

  • Printed with flexible filament hinges
  • Looks the most realistic (can do skin tone such as brown, tan, etc.)
  • Not as easy to use as the phoenix – not as good grip strength
  • Wrist powered
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Arm Powered Hand Designs

Kwawu Arm 2

  • Elbow powered
  • Realistic looking
  • Not as good grip strength
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ArmPO V2

  • connects to arm above the elbow
  • grip comes from bending the elbow
  • still in the testing process
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Unlimbitied Arm

  • Similar to phoenix hand, but elbow powered
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Shoulder Powered Hand Designs

XO Shoulder by Nate Munro

  • Very experimental design
  • For recipients without an elbow joint
  • Attaches to the body with straps, to create a harness
  • Then attaches to a terminal device such as the Kwawu hand
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Other Designs

Gripper Thumb

  • Passive, but great grip strength
  • Must be attached to custom socket
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Kinetic Finger

  • Similar to the Knick Finger
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Knick Finger

  • For people who are just missing a finger
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Frog Hand

  • For people who have a hand, but can’t move it
  • Stroke victims, hemispherectomy patients
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